CM7 Network Encryption Management

Senetas CM7 Network Encryption Manager (CypherManager™) is Senetas’ innovative encryption management platform.

Designed as an element manager, it enables the intuitive management of the full range of Senetas CN network encryptors, across all network protocols and topologies.

CM7 Key Features

  • Secure in-band and out-of-band remote management using SNMPv3
  • Automatic detection and management of Senetas encryptors
  • Real-time monitoring and display
  • Integrated certificate authority
  • Purpose-built graphical management tool

Certified Security

CM7 provides secure local and remote management of the Senetas CN encryptor range.

In addition to providing device configuration and monitoring, CM7 may be configured as the Certificate Authority (CA) for the encryptors in your network.

Each encryptor must have a signed X.509 certificate in order to establish a trusted connection. Typically, a single copy of CM7 would be configured on a secure PC as the CA and used to certify all of the encryptors in the network.

Management Made Easy

CM7 manages all aspects of a distributed network.

Encryption management includes real-time status monitoring, configuration changes and certification. CM7 is a Windows or Linux-based application that loads onto a PC and uses SNMPv3 to configure, manage, and monitor your encryptors. The management session is secure and encrypted.

Featuring a simple, intuitive user interface, CM7 provides users with the ability to view and configure multiple devices on screen at the same time; making the configuration of endpoints quicker and easier.

CM7 management made easy

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