As CCTV solutions become more sophisticated, and increasingly used in both private and public applications, IT demands more rigorous data protection. Whether CCTV network data protection is regulated or not, there is a need to protect the integrity of the network’s user interface, prevent disruption of service and mitigate the risk of data theft.

The Importance Of Cyber Security for CCTV Networks

Closed Circuit TV has become a ubiquitous part of everyday life. Whatever its purpose – personal safety, asset protection or general environment monitoring – the sensitivity and integrity of the data collected is critical; as too is uninterrupted surveillance.

These requirements not only demand dependable data protection, but also reliable high-performance data networks. Both are essential to real-time high resolution CCTV monitoring and ensuring timely responses to threatening events.

Importantly, dependable data protection must not come at a cost of reduced network performance.

In recent years, CCTV technology has undergone some significant changes; not least of which have been the introduction of high-definition video, real-time streaming, face recognition and motion tracking.

As these features emerge, they generate larger volumes of data and increase the demand for high speed, high-performance data encryption.

In many countries, the application of CCTV footage is tightly regulated, with compliance obligations established for the capture, streaming, storage, backup and sharing of video files.

The primary data protection considerations for CCTV are:

  • Integrity – preventing interference with recorded video
  • Disruption – ensuring uninterrupted, real-time coverage
  • Privacy – regulatory compliance and theft prevention

The scale of modern infrastructure, both private and public, means a typical network comprises multiple devices.

As the number of devices increases, so does the complexity of the system and the number of points of potential weakness.

CCTV networks, like their IT infrastructure cousins, are not inherently secure. For most, it is not a case of if they will be breached, but when.

The most secure organisations focus on protecting the data itself, by encrypting it as it is transmitted across the network.

So, when a network breach occurs, unauthorised parties are left with meaningless, encrypted data.

The Integrity And Continuity Of CCTV Data Is Everything

Whether your CCTV network application is law enforcement, public security or asset and facility monitoring, its data integrity is paramount.

Government and private CCTV networks require secure data streaming and data integrity.

Senetas network encryption assures that protection without compromising network speed or performance, which becomes increasingly important as CCTV definition increases.

Around the world, the use of CCTV has grown rapidly as new technology enhancements have arrived. So too has the volume of data generated by CCTV applications.

Likewise, data network performance needs are similarly increasing.

Because the use of CCTV is dominated by “security” applications, the enormous data volumes generated are typically sensitive. That sensitive data must be protected from tampering, theft and eavesdropping.

Because encryption focuses on protecting the data, it is the optimal last line of defence for protection of CCTV generated data.

Senetas high-speed network data encryption provides that protection and does so without compromising network performance due to the specific features unique to Senetas encryptors. These features begin with proven, certified near-zero latency.

High volumes of sensitive CCTV data streaming from multiple locations benefit greatly from Senetas Layer 2 data encryption.

Maximum network performance; “set and forget” implementation and management; 99.999% up-time and dependability; flexible integration and typically more efficient network costs due to superior performance.

The Assurance of Independent, International Testing Certification

Senetas encryptors are certified by leading, independent testing authorities: Common Criteria (international), FIPS (US) and NATO (all member states) as suitable for government and defence use.

Critically, CCTV data must be dependable, therefore it must be protected.

Senetas encryption technology was initially developed to solve high-speed network data encryption issues in federal law enforcement and defence applications.

This experience has led to the certifications held by Senetas encryptors.

In sensitive CCTV applications (regulated or not), you are provided with the assurance of certified optimal data protection and maximum network performance – security without compromise.

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