Senetas high-speed encryption technology is used to provide critical financial data security without impacting on network performance for banks, trading houses and financial institutions across the globe.

High-Assurance Encryption For Financial Network Data

The security and stability of banking transactions are an essential lynchpin of the global financial services industry.

Few industry sectors face greater risk of cyber-attacks or are subject to stricter regulations than banking and finance.

Financial services require bullet-proof data security, supported by real-time transaction updates and guaranteed availability.

However, many organisations don’t realise the inherent frailty of the high-speed data networks that form the essential backbone of the financial services technology infrastructure.

Securing Financial Networks

Senetas, with its triple-certified high-speed data encryptors, has a long and successful history of protecting financial data.

We understand the implications of protecting financial data in motion for the underlying network architecture.

Data protection strategies for financial institutions need to go beyond simply rendering transactional information useless to cyber-criminals.

The network itself must be robust, with data available at all times. The data’s integrity must remain intact during transmission and any encryption must not impact on network performance.

Protecting Data in Motion

Whilst banks and financial institutions are physically secure locations, and a large proportion of IT security budgets are spent on securing data at rest, less consideration is given to securing that essential data while it is in transit – either in the form of transactions or during essential back-up and recovery processes.

The Trustwave Global Security Report identified that 62.5% of data theft took place while the data was in transit.

Senetas encryption technology provides the last, best defence against data theft by securing the breach, rendering the information useless in the hands of unauthorised users.

Security Without Compromise

Senetas encryption technology provides easy-to-manage financial data security without compromising network performance – essential for the high-volume, time-sensitive nature of financial transactions:

  • Scalability including varying bandwidths
  • Interoperability of Senetas encryptors
  • Maximum speed and bandwidth performance enabled by near-zero latency
  • 99.999% up-time reliability and availability
  • Set and forget implementation with simple local or remote management

Global Certification

Senetas is the only company, globally, whose Layer 2 encryption hardware is certified by all three of the world’s leading independent government testing authorities, Common Criteria, FIPS and NATO.

This guarantees that Senetas encryptors provide enterprise-grade security, approved for use by central government and defence agencies worldwide.

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