Senetas high-speed encryption technology is providing vital patient privacy, compliance and integrity of data transmitted across the latest generation of high-speed networks in healthcare organisations worldwide.

High-Assurance Encryption For Healthcare Network Data

Advances in technology are driving innovation across the health sector; with high-speed, high-performance networks enabling unprecedented levels of collaboration, integration and mobility.

With the move to a more connected environment, comes increased risk to data security, both at rest and in transit.

As technology helps to transform the health sector, delivering greater access to patient information and improving both outcomes and efficiency, it creates vulnerabilities.

Sensitive information, in the form of patient records, management information and service provider compliance becomes at risk from malicious attack, cyber-crime or simple user error.

The exponential growth in healthcare “big” data and the adoption of new initiatives such as e-Health are putting an increasing emphasis on systems security.

Whilst a large proportion of IT security budgets go to protecting data at rest, less consideration is given to protecting it in motion.

The Trustwave Global Security Report identified that 62.5% of data theft took place while the data was in transit.

Protecting Healthcare Data in Motion

If you cannot protect your systems against a breach, the best thing to do is to secure the breach.

By encrypting the data as it traverses your private or public networks, it is rendered useless in the hands of unauthorised users.

Senetas high-speed data encryption provides that optimal data protection. It acts as the last, best line of defence.

Security Without Compromise

Unlike some Layer 3 encryption solutions, Senetas Layer 2 data encryption is a near-zero latency solution, providing security without compromising your network’s performance.

Bandwidth, speed, availability and performance are maintained.

Information Assurance

The implications of data loss within the healthcare sector are wide ranging, with patient privacy of primary concern.

The sensitive nature of the information transmitted across the healthcare network sees both government and non-government healthcare organisations subject to some of the most stringent information assurance regulations.

Senetas encryptors are certified by the world’s leading independent testing authorities, (Common Criteria, FIPS and NATO) providing the same standards of data privacy mandated by central government and defence organisations worldwide.

Our experience within the healthcare and government sectors has contributed to the development of our high-speed product features:

  • Near-zero latency for optimum network performance
  • 99.999% dependability and up-time
  • Device interoperability
  • Suitability for all topologies
  • Scalability to varying bandwidths
  • Set and forget implementation with local or remote management
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