In recent years, malware attacks have become the weapon of choice for cybercriminals. The catastrophic impact of ransomware on supply-chain operations has been felt across all industries, including government and critical infrastructure. The sophisticated nature of the attacks leaves cybersecurity professionals playing a constant game of catch-up as they rush to address the latest disclosed attacks.

This is where the biggest challenge resides. Traditional anti-malware and anti-ransomware solutions are no longer fit-for-purpose as they are dependent upon the pre-disclosure of a threat. They are ineffective against non-disclosed, signatureless or zero-day attacks. To combat these effectively, modern solutions need to adopt a zero-trust approach to content security, enterprise-wide.

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A Zero-trust Approach

Historically, anti-malware solutions have been dependent on a pre-disclosed list of threats. This list is referenced by anti-virus software to identify and eliminate known attacks, but what happens if the threat is unknown? With even a small window to exploit, zero-day or signatureless attacks can cause significant damage. The only way to protect against undisclosed threats is to assume any content entering the corporate network may be compromised and to analyse and sanitise it.

Office documents, image files and email attachments are the most common vehicles for malicious code. By adopting a zero-trust approach, proactive anti-malware solutions analyse all content and remove anything that doesn’t belong to the native file type – whether it is malicious or not.

The efficacy of Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology is not just limited to documents and spreadsheets. CDR is effective against file-borne threats in all office files, PDFs, image files, HTML content and audio / video files. All content is sanitised, with any code not matching the file type’s standards or policies removed. The clean file is then passed on, retaining 100% of the original file type functionality.

Advanced CDR solutions can be used to secure all file gateways – email attachments, file transfer applications, web downloads etc. They should be invisible to the user, adding little or no latency to the file exchange process.

Votiro Secure File Gateway from Senetas leverages patented CDR technology to deliver enterprise-wide content security.

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