Senetas high-assurance encryptors are used by gaming, casino and lottery operators across the world to secure a variety of Big Data applications; including hi-definition CCTV, Cloud and Data Centre Services.

Certified High-Assurance Encryption For The Gaming Industry

High speed network-delivered services not only enable the gaming industry to maximise financial and operational efficiencies, they also support regulatory control and compliance.

However, because of the potential for significant financial gain, the gaming industry is a high-risk, high-profile target for cyber-criminals.

In a big-data world, the information exchanged across an organisation’s high speed networks is often of a sensitive nature.

The security and integrity of this data is essential; whether it be for personal safety, regulatory compliance, asset protection or financial transactions.

Whatever the application, from HD CCTV to Big Data analytics, networks require high-assurance
data encryption security and maximum network performance.

Where the gaming industry differs from other commercial sectors is its dependence upon:

  • Real-time data availability
  • 100% data integrity
  • High-definition video
  • Ultra-high speed network performance
  • Unified data, video and voice

High-Assurance Gaming Network Data Encryption Security

The best network security solutions for the gaming industry require both high performance data networks and high-assurance encryption.

Not all encryption solutions are created equal. Embedded encryption devices – such as network routers/switches with embedded encryption or those using MACSec or similar standards (not originally intended for WAN and MAN security) provide “low assurance” data protection.

By contrast, Senetas CN Series encryptors are certified by the world’s leading independent testing authorities as suitable for government and defence applications.

They are purpose engineered for dedicated, high-assurance network data security.

CCTV Data Protection

Robust encryption security and high speed data network performance are both essential to real-time HD CCTV monitoring.

This is where Senetas encryptors excel; delivering robust CCTV encryption without loss of network performance – the most challenging of network security tests.

As CCTV technology advances (EG: realtime HD streaming, face recognition, motion tracking and night-vision) the volume and sensitivity of data transmitted across an organisation’s high speed networks increases.

Video content is tightly regulated in many countries. This not only impacts on the streaming of video content, but also on the storage, sharing and archiving of data.

The last, best line of defence is to ensure the data itself is protected.

This means, when a successful network breach occurs, unauthorised parties are simply left with meaningless encrypted data.

Critical CCTV data protection issues include:

  • Integrity – prevention of interference with CCTV footage (EG. input of rogue data)
  • Reliability – provision of uninterrupted, real-time surveillance coverage
  • Quality – 100% HD quality video with no noise, jitter or latency
  • Privacy – compliance with identity and data protection obligations
  • Complexity – CCTV systems typically comprise multiple devices
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