Senetas is an Australian public company (ASX:SEN) specialising in cybersecurity. Senetas solutions have been trusted to protect much of the world’s most sensitive information for more than 20 years.

A global leader in the protection of data transported across high-speed networks, Senetas provides network independent encryption hardware and virtualised solutions. These share a crypto-agile and quantum resistant cybersecurity platform.

Our content security solutions include the most secure file-sharing and collaboration application with 100% data sovereignty control, and proactive anti-malware solutions providing enterprise-wide file security.

Senetas solutions are distributed and supported internationally by Thales, the world’s largest security company.

Senetas Encryption Solutions

Certified by leading independent authorities (Common Criteria, FIPS and NATO), Senetas hardware and virtualised encryption solutions leverage end-to-end encryption and state-of-the-art key management to provide long-term data protection without compromising network performance or user experience.

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Votiro Secure File Gateway

Votiro leverages patented content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) technology to provide proactive protection against the most persistent cyber attacks, including unknown or zero-day exploits. Votiro is a subsidiary of Senetas and prevents malicious content and malware attacks via email, web and other high-risk file gateways.

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SureDrop Encrypted File-Sharing

The secure file-sharing and collaboration application with 100% data sovereignty control.

SureDrop provides the information security and data sovereignty control essential in a world dominated by remote working. SureDrop has the usability of box-type file-sharing and collaboration tools, but with the added benefits of best-in-class encryption security and Microsoft 365, Outlook and Azure integration.

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Protecting the world's most sensitive information

Trusted by private and public sector organisations in more than 60 countries, Senetas solutions are used to protect everything from government and defence secrets to intellectual property, financial transactions and citizen privacy to real-time CCTV networks and SCADA control systems.

Senetas Logo
Senetas Logo