Cloud services and network providers have come under increasing scrutiny by cyber-criminals in recent years; exposing those businesses that have embraced as-a-Service propositions to an increased risk of data theft, financial penalties and business disruption.

The importance of encrypting cloud services

The adoption of cloud services continues unabated; driven by the promise of cost-effectiveness, resource efficiency and scalability. However, the nature of cloud computing (whether private cloud, public cloud or  form fills, embedded cloud infrastructure) exposes large volumes of data to potentially unsecure networks.

The cyber-threat landscape is a dynamic one. With threat type and frequency seemingly on the increase, protecting the networks that enable cloud services is a priority for IT security professionals around the world. Unfortunately, it seems that it isn’t so much a case of if a data network gets breached, but when.

In the event of a breach, the only way to ensure your sensitive network data remains secure is to protect it with end-to-end encryption.

Some organisations have resisted encrypting high-speed data networks, fearing a negative impact on network performance or high maintenance costs. Data encryption is the optimal answer, but only if it does not degrade the data network performance or adversely affect the delivery of services.

Senetas end-to-end encryption solutions provide encryption security without compromising on network performance, application availability or user experience.

Protecting information in the cloud

Whether public, private or embedded infrastructure-based, cloud services and applications are network dependent.

High-speed networks are not secure by design. By deploying new services and applications in the cloud, you may inadvertently be exposing stakeholders to the consequences of data breaches.

Professional data security advisers recommend that whenever exploring a cloud solution, organisations ask if the cloud services include encryption everywhere.

Senetas encryption solutions are used to protect cloud services infrastructure and data across the world.

Whether cloud architecture and security requirements are best served by CN Series Hardware Encryption or CV Series Virtualised Encryption, both are based on the same end-to-end security principles and share a common management platform.

Crypto-agile and secure by design, Senetas encryption solutions provide long-term data protection against both today’s cyber-threats and tomorrow’s emerging threat landscape.

Protecting cloud services and networks

Cloud services, public and private, and cloud computing have experienced exponential growth in IT investment by commercial and government organisations alike.

Whatever the application – the efficiencies, conveniences and economies of scale offered by cloud services have driven that growth.

Similarly, the increased demand for high-speed data networks has been exponential as organisations exploit the advantages of cloud computing.

However, this growth has been followed by increased risks of data breaches. The hidden risks to data are while it’s being transmitted between locations; this is due to an incorrect perception that fibre-optic data networks are secure.

Whether you offer and implement public or private cloud services, or use public or private cloud services, the threat of a data breach is very real.

The need to protect the data being transmitted has also drawn increased attention. Around the world most government organisations insist on secured cloud services and that security includes the protection of data while being transmitted.

Secure data without network performance loss

Only Senetas’ high-assurance data encryption provides multi-certified data network protection without a loss of network performance.

Senetas encryptors ensure that data protection need not come at the significant cost of up to 50% network performance* and include the convenience of set and forget simplicity.

Used in the protection of public and private Cloud computing applications around the world, Senetas encryptors provide defence-grade encryption protection.

Senetas solutions deliver 99.999% up-time availability; protecting sensitive network data for a variety of commercial and government Cloud services.

Senetas’ high-assurance encryptors are specifically tailored to Cloud applications and unlike any other high-speed encryptors of their type, are certified by all the leading independent testing authorities – FIPS (US), Common Criteria (International) and NATO (All Member States).

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