Cost-effective, high-assurance encryption for moderate data volumes and speeds, whatever the size of your organisation. Senetas encryptors provide essential data security across branch location links; delivering high-assurance encryption to the network edges.

The Importance of Encryption for Branch Office Locations

Although we have become dependent upon high-speed networks for almost every aspect of day-to-day operations, it is worth remembering that no data network is inherently safe.

Trustwave’s Annual Global Security Report reveals that 62.5% of data theft occurs during transmission, no matter what the data volumes or the bandwidth.

The exponential growth in the use of data networks and the technologies that offer improved business efficiencies have increased cyber-criminals’ attention on networks for information-rich data.

In distributed network environments, where high-speed central office or data centre locations are connected to multiple remote or branch office sites, the risk is just as acute.

Efforts to protect the network itself are a game of catch-up. Encryption protects the data itself, by rendering it useless in unauthorised hands. Encryption is the last, best line of defence!

Because not every data network is very high-speed (e.g. over 1Gbps) and does not require the complete speed and feature-set of Senetas high-assurance encryptors, Senetas developed the CN4000 series; a range of compact, versatile encryptors, ideally suited to more modest data speeds and volumes.

Cost Effective Data Protection

Protecting data that is transmitted across data networks is no longer limited to government and very large commercial and industrial organisations.

SMEs transmitting modest data volumes at lower speeds also have critical stakeholders’ interests to protect.

In order to meet the demands of the modern world, organisations of all sizes are embracing information-rich technologies:

  • Cloud Computing Services – cost effective, scalable and efficient data processing
  • Data Centre Services – remote storage, back-up and disaster recovery
  • Big Data – collection, analysis, sharing and storage of multi-source data
  • CCTV Networks – enabling security and asset protection

Often described as “branch location” data transmission, many SMEs are using “modest” networks for day-to-day data communications.

However, cyber-criminal behaviour guarantees that the risks to you and your stakeholders are the same, no matter what size your organisation.

As data security analysts, Trustwave, reported in its publication “Inside A Hacker’s Playbook”: “If they do it right, advanced attackers can quietly infiltrate a network and steal data or information at will for months or even years.”

The optimal solution is to protect the data itself with high-assurance encryption.

To cost-effectively meet the needs of more modest data volumes and network speeds, Senetas developed a specialised range of encryptors – the CN4000 series recognises the need for high-assurance data protection, but at a much more efficient cost.

The Senetas CN4000 Series Encryptors

Senetas offers a data encryption solution for organisations of all sizes.

If your need is to protect data transmitted at bandwidth speeds of 10Mbps to 100Mbps, then your data can be protected with Senetas CN4000 encryptors.

The Senetas CN4000 series also offers the assurance of international, independent government testing authority certification; conveniently packaged in a compact, desk-top box.

Like small to medium enterprises, large enterprise branch locations and government agencies take advantage of Cloud Computing efficiencies and data-sharing application productivity benefits.

The CN4000 encryptors provide the versatility of “encrypting anywhere” with the same promise of high-assurance, providing peace of mind that any of your sensitive customer data, intellectual property, commercially sensitive data and competitive information is protected.

Senetas products and solutions protect:

  • Confidential client information such as legal, accounting, design, or any professional services data files transmitted between locations
  • Information-rich “Big Data” generated by business analytics being shared among locations
  • Customers’ privacy while their identity information is transmitted to and from private or public Cloud Computing services
  • Valuable business assets – intellectual property – from cyber-criminals seeking to profit from it
  • The integrity of data centre services such as back-up and disaster recovery

Peace Of Mind For A Highly Networked World

Whatever your application, and however modest your bandwidth needs, there is an affordable, certified Senetas solution for you.

Cloud and data centre services are successfully meeting government and commercial organisations’ desire for efficient “available-everywhere, anytime” solutions.

Service providers are consistently delivering solutions with reduced physical infrastructure requirements, more cost-effective applications and lower systems and infrastructure management costs.

Unfortunately, cyber-criminals are increasingly turning their attentions to these critical networks as a potentially lucrative source of information-rich data.

Worryingly, many organisations will not become aware of a network data breach until years after the fact; by which time the damage will have already been done.

Senetas CN4000 branch location data encryptors provide the assurance of the best line of defence, without loss of network performance.

They include certification by leading international, independent government testing authorities – FIPS, Common Criteria and NATO – your assurance of security without compromise!

This is why government agencies, banks and leading commercial organisations choose Senetas high-assurance encryptors.

Contact us today to discuss any of your branch network security concerns and requirements.

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