Votiro Cloud

Votiro Cloud leverages patented, next gen CDR anti-malware technology to proactively protect your files from the most advanced, persistent cyber-attacks.

It sanitises incoming, shared and stored files, enterprise-wide; eliminating the risks associated not just with known threats, but with undisclosed cyberattacks and zero-day exploits. At the same time, it preserves 100% of original file content and functionality, without disrupting user workflows.

Votiro Cybersec Ltd. is a subsidiary of Senetas Corporation Limited.

How does Votiro work?

Votiro’s patented CDR technology is a proactive, signature-less file sanitization solution that targets the most commonly exploited file formats. It neutralizes exploit attempts before they are disclosed and before other, detection-based security systems can provide effective protection against them.

Support for a wide range of file types:

·    JPEG ·    PPT ·    HANCOM
·    CSV ·    ARCHIVE ·    CAD
·    PDF ·    TXT ·    PST
·    WORD ·    GIF ·    PNG

how does votiro disarmer content disarm & reconstruction work?

Votiro secures content across all channels

Votiro Cloud may be deployed across a variety of media and platforms, providing flexible, enterprise-wide protection from all forms of malicious content.

Votiro Disarmer secures content across all channels


Votiro keeps inbound emails and attachments secure from malicious content such as ransomware, malware, spear phishing, banking scams and zero-day attacks; while keeping emails’ full functionality intact.

Deployed anywhere within minutes, Votiro is the most advanced email protection available to keep your organization protected.


Secure all file downloads with Votiro for Web. Enforcing browsing compliance with a powerful filter against web-borne malware, Votiro is a robust solution for eliminating zero-day threats from any file, document or data downloaded from any web browser.


Votiro allows employees to send, receive, and share clean files in the cloud; using their favourite file-sharing applications like Dropbox, Box, SureDrop or OneDrive.

The Votiro solution provides an enhanced layer of security, ensuring all shared files are free of malware and preventing targeted content threats such as ransomware and phishing attacks.


Votiro eliminates known and unknown file threats coming from the external network before they enter your internal network.

Designated to work in a complete network separation environment, it automates the file sharing process and sanitizes files on local or remote servers, using Votiro’s patented technology.

Client-Facing Portals

Secure your files across all of your applications with the Votiro API; providing you with advanced file sanitization protection against all known and unknown malicious content threats.

Enjoy full functionality of safe files, without interrupting data flow or negatively impacting on productivity.

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Senetas and Votiro

Votiro for SureDrop®

SureDrop is the encrypted file-sharing application by Senetas that your IT department will love. It offers all the flexibility of a drop-box style solution, with the added benefit of best-in-class, end-to-end encryption security and 100% control over data sovereignty. For customers seeking additional layers of security, SureDrop seamlessly integrates with Votiro Cloud.

For more information, visit www.suredrop.io

ANZ Distribution and Support

Votiro Cloud is distributed and supported exclusively within Australia and New Zealand by Senetas Corporation.

For further information regarding Votiro, please contact us.

For international enquiries, please visit www.votiro.com