Senetas Corporation Limited was established in 1999. However, the origins of our leading high-assurance data network encryption technology started a couple of years earlier.

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Our Story

We began by solving a mission-critical, high-speed data network problem for an Australian Government law enforcement organisation. 

Shortly after Senetas Corporation was established, the US Government and defence agencies came to us to solve their own high-speed data network encryption issues.

Today, we are proud to name them still among our most loyal customers; along with other Government agencies and leading Cloud and data centre service providers from around the world.

For the past twenty years, we have been at the forefront of encryption innovation and have been a part of some significant industry ‘firsts’; from the development of the world’s first quantum resistant encryption (QRE) solution to the launch of the ultra-fast CN9000 Series – the first commercially available 100Gbps encryptor supporting fully meshed network topologies.

We remain committed to excellence in research and development, independent testing authority certification, best-practice data encryption and leading expertise in the security of high-speed data networks.

Senetas Shield

Senetas high-speed data network encryption technology is born. First order received from Australian Government.

FIPS Level 3 Validated 140-2 badge

Senetas encryptors achieve FIPS certification


Senetas Corporation Limited established and listed on the ASX. First US Government and defence agency orders received.


Senetas signs international distribution agreement with SafeNet Inc


Senetas encryptors selected by the US Department of Defence to secure US military installations worldwide.


Senetas launches 1Gbps Ethernet encryptor, setting a new benchmark for certified high-assurance encryption.

quantum resistant encryption

Senetas introduces the world’s first commercially available quantum-powered encryptor, in partnership with ID Quantique.

high tech industry cybersecurity banner

Senetas releases new 10Gb Ethernet encryptor and the world’s first SONET 10Gbps encryptor.


Senetas patent granted for CN Series network data encryptors.


Senetas expands operations, establishes Senetas Europe, based in the UK.


Senetas releases new generation platform and CN6000 Series encryptors. Common Criteria EAL4+ certification achieved.

image of the globe

Senetas reaches a manufacturing milestone of $100,000,000 encryptors sold.


Senetas encryptors used to secure data centre and cloud services for US government.


Senetas CN4000 desk-top encryptor range launched, offering certified 10Mbps to 1Gbps encryption anywhere.


TRANSEC transmission flow security introduced to Senetas CN Series encryptors.


Senetas CN encryptors achieve NATO (Restricted Green) certification.


Senetas launches first multi-link encryptor. CN8000 provides 10x 1-10Gbps ports with multi-tenancy capabilities.


Senetas adds support for Suite B algorithms and Elliptic Curve Cryptography.

senetas announces quantum resistant encryption

Senetas R&D adds Crypto-Agility to its product road map, providing greater flexibility and quantum-ready features.


Senetas software release (v2.7.1) now supports custom elliptic curves and BYOD entropy.


Senetas launches the CN9000, the first commercially available 100Gbps encryptor to support all network topologies.

long term data security

Senetas CN Series encryptors achieve ultra-low latency milestone of 1.5μs at 100Gbps in customer testing.


Senetas launches the CV1000 is the first Virtualised Network Function encryptor offering Network Independent Encryption.


Senetas and ADVA Optical Networks create an integrated secure networking solution for Virtual Private Networks.


Senetas invests in cybersecurity firm Votiro. Developers of award-winning Votiro Secure File Gateway technology.


Senetas introduces first Quantum Resistant Encryption solution for high speed data networks.

Senetas Logo
Senetas Logo