Senetas high-assurance encryptors provide high speed network encryption which is certified by the leading independent certification authorities (Common Criteria, FIPS and NATO) as suitable for government and defence use.

They are trusted to protect network-transmitted data in more than 40 countries. Applications include: cloud and data centre services, government information and secrets, commercially sensitive data, intellectual property, defence and military information, business and financial data, banking transactions, CCTV networks and more.

Not all high speed network encryption is the same. Truly robust network data encryption solutions feature high-assurance credentials, are independently certified and are crypto-agile by design.

  • Dedicated hardware encryption
  • State-of-the-art encryption key management
  • Authenticated, end-to-end data encryption
  • Standards-based encryption

CN9000 Series

Ultra-fast, 100Gbps high-assurance hardware encryption for ‘mega data’ networks and applications.

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CN6000 Series

Rack-mounted, carrier-grade encryption hardware for high-speed Ethernet networks.

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CN4000 Series

Compact, versatile and high-performance encryptor hardware for network data security without compromise.

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