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Australian Defence Magazine Podcast

In this compelling interview with Grant McHerron from Australian Defence Magazine, Senetas Europe’s Managing Director Graham Wallace explains how our military-grade network encryption security has been applied to defence assets’ Operations Technologies (OT).

In this podcast, Graham and Grant discuss how Project Orthos can be used to secure mission critical data and systems, both within and between vessels. The discussion then turns to the potential impact AI and quantum computing may have on tomorrows cryptographic systems, plus the future of Australia’s sovereign cybersecurity capabilities.

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About Project Orthos

Project Orthos is an IT and Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity solution. Built specifically to meet the government’s call to reduce the cyber attack surface (RCAS), it protects critical infrastructure, static defence and mobile assets from a wide range of cyber threats.

Effortlessly scalable and secure by design, Orthos combines standards-based encryption with a cyber-physical security suite to shield operational technology and communications from vulnerabilities that may be exploited by threat actors.

Providing both detection and protection, it provides long-term, future-proof security through the incorporation of quantum-resilient encryption. Orthos is a software-based solution, so it can be deployed on a wide variety of hardware and for the most challenging of applications, including high temperature, high humidity, and dirty environments.


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