Global launch of the CV1000 virtual encryptor – COMING SOON.

High-speed network virtualisation is increasingly used to deliver cost-effective scalability, flexibility and network management. Consequently, network services require trusted virtualised encryption for maximum data security.

Senetas has developed the CV Series virtual encryptor for extended, virtual high-speed networks; providing the same cost-effectiveness, scalability and flexibility as the networks it protects.

Like the trusted Senetas CN Series hardware encryption platform the CV Series is based on, the CV1000 is designed to provide high-performance encryption security and crypto-agility. The CV1000 is also transport layer independent, delivering concurrent, multi-layer encryption.

As a Virtualised Network Function (VNF) that may run on any x86 hardware, the CV Series virtual encryptor is 100% interoperable with Senetas CN Series hardware encryptors.


CV1000 Virtual Encryptor for >1Gbps performance



Full specifications and features to be released end April 2018.


Senetas CV Series encryptors are distributed and supported globally by Gemalto under its SafeNet identity and Data Protection Solutions brand. 

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