Senetas Corporation Limited (Senetas) is a leading developer of data encryption solutions; from certified high-assurance encryption hardware and virtualised encryption for carrier Ethernet Metro and Wide Area Networks, to the most secure encrypted file sharing and collaboration application, providing data sovereignty control.

Senetas encryption solutions leverage state-of-the-art encryption key management and are crypto-agile by design; providing long-term data protection in a post-quantum computing world. They protect data without compromising network and application performance, or the user experience.

Our data encryption solutions are trusted to protect network data by government, enterprise, defence, Cloud, data centre and communications service provider customers in more than 35 countries.

  • CN Series – certified, high-assurance hardware encryptors for core Ethernet network infrastructure. The CN Series feature certification by independent testing authorities – Common Criteria, FIPS and NATO; providing Senetas customers with the added assurance that those solutions are certified as “suitable for government and defence use”.
  • CV Series – robust, virtualised encryption for extended wide-area and software-defined networks. The CV Series provides rapid scalability, flexibility and cost-effective data protection, all the way to the virtual edge.
  • SureDrop – the most secure, box-type file sharing application. SureDrop leverages state-of-the-art encryption to provide secure collaboration and 100% data location control.

Senetas encryptors have been protecting much of the world’s most sensitive information for nearly 20 years. They are used to protect everything from commercially sensitive IP and business intelligence to banking transactions, CCTV network data, SCADA control systems, citizen identity and government & defence data.


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Senetas CN and CV Series encryptors provide state-of-the-art encryption security for everything from modest bandwidth requirements at 10Mbps to the ultra-fast 100Gbps networks required for some of today’s aggregated Big Data applications.

Senetas encryption solutions are distributed and supported by Gemalto, the world’s largest data security company, under its SafeNet Identity and Data Protection brand.

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