Votiro has announced plans for expansion into the Australian market through a channel of trusted partners. The move comes hot on the heals of a successful $16m round of investment.

As announced in the Australian in July 2023, AI cybersecurity pioneer Votiro expands into Australia following $16m raise


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Votiro’s expansion into Australia coincides with the nation’s ongoing efforts to harden its supply chains against potential cybersecurity threats. Business data must also flow, often through attachments such as PDFs or cloud-stored documents.

The fragile nature of these file transfer, storage, and data exchange systems, has led to the implementation of data privacy laws in many nations, including Australia, that increase the requirements for supply chain organisations to increase their resilience to malicious file attacks.

With its AI-driven, Zero Trust content security, Votiro is not just joining the fight against cyber threats in Australia — it’s leading it.

Fresh off the back of its successful capital raise, Votiro’s channel partner-led rapid expansion reflects a new era in cybersecurity.

This is more than a business expansion; it’s a leap forward in securing the digital world, one file at a time.


The article leads with an introduction to Votiro, with a focus on its pioneering use of AI in the field of zero trust security. Rather than relying upon the detection of known threat “signatures” Votiro leverages AI (specifically machine learning) to enhance its proactive approach to detecting, disarming and analysing malware and ransomware attacks.

Unlike traditional, reactive security solutions, Votiro forensically analyses every file, disarming any malicious content before reconstructing the file with all of its inherent file type functionality intact. This makes it almost impossible to hide malicious content in file attachments and downloads (the most common vehicles for malicious payloads).

Older versions of content disarm and reconstruction were limited in their effectiveness. Yes, it would successfully identify and eliminate malware, but it would often come at the cost of file functionality, particularly when dealing with macros in MS Office files. Votiro’s use of AI allows it to overcome this barrier as it learns the difference between “good” code and “bad” code. What’s more, it does it in seconds and at scale; ensuring full functionality remains intact post-reconstruction.

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