Unicorns Podcast: Votiro’s mission to defend against weaponised files

In December 2023, Votiro CEO Ravi Srinivasan spoke with Unicorns host Justin Kelly about Votiro’s unique approach to content security. In this edition, Justin asks Ravi about how he came to be CEO of Votiro and what the business is doing differntly within the cybersecurity space. “Votiro is a very interesting company, we’re focused on preventing unknown threats like ransomware, zero day attacks and new variants of malware” explains Ravi. “We saw a universal need to help prevent these threats from coming in through various vectors: email, web, collaboration tools and cloud interactions”.



“71% of the content coming into organisations has weaponised content that is of an unknown variant”


Ravi provides a couple of examples of commercial and government organisations currently benefiting from Votiro and highlights recent innovations within the portfolio that provide board level executives with meaningful analytics.

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