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cyber-attacks on hospitals have increased image on Senetas blog

Healthcare sector remains a primary target for cyber-attacks

According to a 2022 Sophos report, ransomware attacks on healthcare targets almost doubled last year. With two thirds of respondents experiencing an attack, what could be done about it?
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Non prosecution agreement with Uber after data breach

What lessons can be learned from the Uber data breach?

The recent DOJ investigation into the Uber data breach of 2016 serves as a sobering reminder of the true impact of a breach of unencrypted data, from a loss of reputation to criminal prosecution.

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reviewing strategy

Australian government to review cybersecurity strategy

As the new administration defines its policies, the Minister for Cyber Security reveals they have ordered the department to undertake an urgent and thorough review of the existing strategy.
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Quantum safe security in a post quantum era

The first commercially viable quantum computer is expected by the end of the decade. What does it mean for today’s cryptographic infrastructure and what can we do to become quantum resilient?

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