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The True Cost of Data Breaches - Australia’s Wake Up Call

Making the case for an Australian Cybersecurity Act

The recent attacks on Medibank and Optus have impacted millions of Australian citizens and resulted in renewed calls for a change in the way the government deals with cybersecurity. In this article, Senetas Chairman Francis Galbally calls for a new Federal Cybersecurity Act.
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3 reason why Suredrop

Still using DropBox or OneDrive for secure collaboration?

As businesses continue on their digital transformation journey, use of filesharing and collaboration platforms has become commonplace. However, with data breaches and cyberattacks on the increase, it’s time to rethink what secure collaboration looks like.

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Quantum Australia Conference and Careers Fair 2023

Upcoming Event: Quantum Australia – February 2023

Australia’s premier quantum industry event returns in 2023. The three-day online and in-person conference will explore the theme ‘Building the foundations for a quantum economy’.
Our CTO Julian Fay is a guest panelist at the event, be sure to join us online or in person.
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cybersecurity wake-up call

Cybersecurity: How many wake-up calls will it take?

Despite continued warnings by cybersecurity professionals and government agencies alike, breaches of unencrypted data continue to make the headlines. What will it take to overcome this apathy and wake up to the risks of security solutions that are no longer fit for purpose?

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