Not all cybersecurity solutions are equal. If the litany of malware attacks and catastrophic data breaches over the past decade has taught us anything, it’s that reactive cybersecurity solutions are no longer fit for purpose.

Senetas has been committed to proactive cybersecurity innovation for over 20 years. From our first certified high-assurance encryptor in 1998 to the introduction of quantum resistant encryption in 2020. Agile, proactive solutions are essential for long-term security.​​

Network Data Security

Senetas hardware and virtualised network data
encryption solutions are trusted to protect
sensitive commercial, government and military
data in more than 40 countries.

Operating at speeds of up to 100Gbps they
leverage both quantum resistant and conventional
standards-based encryption algorithms to provide
security without compromise.

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Proactive Anti-Malware

Traditional anti-malware and firewall solutions
are reactive by nature, relying on a published
list of known threats. This ensures cyber criminals
are always one step ahead.

Votiro Secure File Gateway is a revolution in
anti-malware. Its patented, proactive technology
protects against the most persistent cyber attacks,
including undisclosed or zero-day attacks.

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Secure Collaboration

SureDrop provides all the familiarity and simplicity
of the most popular cloud-based file sharing
applications, with the added advantage of
state-of-the art encryption.

Built from a security first perspective, SureDrop
provides additional file fragmentation security,
complete control over your encryption keys and
100% data sovereignty.

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Senetas is a leading developer of high-performance encryption security solutions. From certified high-assurance hardware and virtualised encryption for data networks, to the most secure file-sharing and collaboration application with data sovereignty control; all are based on the same crypto-agile, quantum-ready platform.

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