IP Theft can be Catastrophic to Business and Government

A recent paper ‘Cyber-Security Iceberg’, published in the 2017 Edition of Defence Science and Technology Outlook by Faircount Media, Senetas highlight the need to encrypt core data network infrastructures or risk potential catastrophes. Senetas cautioned defence sector companies that too often businesses in all sectors overlook risks to their network transmitted data.

On October 12, 2017, a media headline ‘Defence Contractor’s Cyber Security Breached’, reinforced this message. No business, even with investment in data breach prevention systems, is immune. All businesses need to invest in data protection-encryption.

Stating that ‘top secret technical information about new fighter jets, navy vessels and surveillance aircraft has been stolen from an Australian defence contractor’, the report proves that data encryption is no longer an option for businesses and governments, and shows that encryption must be a core element of all data security and IT plans for both network and stored data (data in motion and data at rest).

Whilst there are numerous types of cyber-attacks that lead to data breaches, any data breach that successfully steals business secrets and intellectual property has the potential to be catastrophic.

The Cyber-Security Iceberg paper emphasizes that the day where all sensitive data should be encrypted has not only has come, but passed. Today, organisations are best advised to ensure their investment in encryption solutions are high-assurance and crypto-agile, because not all encryption solutions are the same.

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