In an ASX announcement this week, Senetas Corporation Ltd (ASX: SEN) announced it had successfully secured the single largest order to date for its ultra-high speed 100Gbps Ethernet encryptors. The deal, worth around US$2 million, came via its global distributor, Thales.

An order of this magnitude is recognition of the reputation Senetas has established within the world of cybersecurity. The CN9000 100Gbps encryptors have proven to be a popular choice amongst government and commercial organisations alike, thanks to their high performance and low latency. In this instance, the high-assurance CN9000 encryptors will be used to secure data in motion for a Middle Eastern government agency.

Senetas CEO, Andrew Wilson said: “This order is particularly pleasing as it underscores the strength and reputation of our global partner Thales in the Middle East. Most significantly for Senetas, an order of this size is a realisation of the considerable opportunity we have seen building in that market over the past 12 months, and now that pipeline is starting to deliver.

“With our increased presence in this market, and the potential for new opportunities via the pending European certification and custom algorithm encryptors for Eastern Europe, we continue to see exciting opportunities to further expand the market for Senetas products and expect good growth from these regions over the medium term.”

Mr Wilson added: “This order also underscores the fact that Australian sovereign cyber security products are respected not only in Australia but worldwide for their defence grade security profile and engineering.”

Senetas end-to-end encryption solutions have been deployed in more than 40 countries worldwide. Their high-assurance security credentials and crypto-agility are reinforced by certification from the world’s leading independent testing authorities, including FIPS, Common Criteria and NATO. As the world enters a quantum computing era, Senetas solutions also offer long-term data protection thanks to their inclusion of quantum-ready technologies.

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