Senetas announces US$8m investment in Votiro, a leading provider of Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technologies.

Senetas Corporation is delighted to announce its majority investment in Israeli cyber-security firm Votiro Cybersec Limited. Known for is innovative content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) solutions, Votiro markets its Disarmer solution for a wide range of applications; including file-transfer, email, removable devices and collaboration platforms.


Votiro – more than just a sandbox

The rise of malware and malicious code has left some traditional anti-virus sandbox tools unable to provide effective protection against zero-day exploits. In a world where unknown exploits are evading even the most trusted security systems, File Disarmer is the only solution to sanitize your files of any malicious threats, no matter where they come from.

Votiro Disarmer eliminates known and undisclosed threats before they reach your organization. The CDR-based technology is easily integrated with any data workflow and is proven to neutralize external malicious content threats, with full data functionality restored. The Disarmer solution deconstructs and analyses all files, neutralising any malicious or unexpected code before reconstructing the content into fully-functional, safe-to-use files.

What makes Votiro Disarmer so compelling? In a marketplace dominated by an evolving threat landscape, CDR technologies have become a must-have component of any cyber-security strategy.

With proven experience within Government, Healthcare, Financial Services and Critical Infrastructure verticals, Votiro is recognized as an industry leader. Its multi-certified, patented technologies are easy to deploy, scale rapidly and benefit from an intuitive management dashboard and reporting suite.


SureDrop Plus

Votiro Disarmer is the ideal complement to SureDrop, Senetas’ encrypted file-sharing application” explains Senetas CEO Andrew Wilson. “It’s so much more than an anti-virus sandbox; exploiting a unique approach to file sanitization and reconstruction.”

From early 2019, customers will be able to deploy SureDrop or SureDrop+ (with Votiro Disarmer built-in) either on-premises or as a managed service from their cloud service provider. Patented, certified and award-winning; Votiro Disarmer varies from traditional sandbox solutions, not in degree, but in kind.

SureDrop provides all the convenience of a cloud-based file-sharing application, but with the addition of maximum encryption security and complete control over data file location. Votiro Disarmer ensures no file content entering an organisation, or being shared around the organisation, is infected with any known viruses, malware, or even unknown zero-day exploits.

Mr. Wilson concludes “The synergy between Senetas and Votiro was evident from the start. Both offer state-of-the-art technologies that offer maximum security without compromising on user experience”.


About Votiro

Established in 2010 by a team of senior cybersecurity experts, Votiro develops and licenses the File Disarmer, a security solution based on proprietary Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR) technology. With the aim of securing organizations throughout their digital transformation, Votiro is committed to allowing the safe and free use of data, with full protection against unknown threats.




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