Senetas high-assurance CN6000 and CN4000 series Carrier Ethernet encryptors have recently received updated FIPS certification: FIPS 140-2 L3 certification.

The certification update includes the recently released CN6040 high-speed encryptor and applies to the SafeNet branded encryptors, which are globally distributed and supported by Gemalto.

To see the FIPS details, follow this link.

Senetas and Gemalto are committed to the highest levels of certification making Senetas/SafeNet encryptors suitable for government and defence use.

The rigours of all certifications (FIPS, Common Criteria, NATO and CAPS) given to Senetas/SafeNet high-assurance encryptors provide all our customers, including the commercial and industrial sectors, around the world with independent expert evaluations.

The FIPS certification update includes CN Carrier Ethernet encryptors: CN6100, CN6040, CN6010, and CN4010.

To learn more about these certifications click here.

In February 2016, Senetas/SafeNet CN6000 and CN4000 encryptors received NATO certification. This provided these encryptors with approval for NATO Restricted use by all 28 NATO member states.

Senetas CN Carrier Ethernet encryptors provide maximum data protection for security aware organisations, without compromise data networks’ performance.

For details of Senetas encryptors’ inclusion in the NATO Information Assurance Product Catalogue, follow this link.

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