Senetas Corporation Limited (ASX: SEN), developer and manufacturer of certified high-assurance network encryptors, used by government and global enterprise organisations in more than 30 countries, has revealed its research and development road-map including a beta program for the first 100Gbps line rate encryptor.

The ‘ultra-high-speed’ high-assurance encryptor has been developed to meet the plans and needs of large government agencies and global enterprise service providers around the world, as their data volumes and demand for increased network bandwidth and security continue to increase exponentially.

Melbourne, Australia, 17 November, 2016

Senetas CEO, Andrew Wilson, points out that the early adopters currently piloting the 100Gigabit encryptor technology include Cloud and data centre service providers; telecommunications companies; and commercial enterprises with intensive Big Data requirements. They are among the most security aware organisations and service providers in the world. “Some have been Senetas customers for nearly 20 years insisting on ‘high-assurance’ encryption hardware and state-of-the-art Encryption Key Management.

They understand the catastrophes that follow successful breaches of network data, vulnerable network devices and the impact theft of unencrypted data has on customers, the business and brand. And there is a well-proven relationship between network data volumes and the threat of cyber-attacks. As cyber-criminals seek to steal large volumes of data, ultra-high-speed networks are ideal targets – just a few seconds of network eavesdropping, tapping, and ‘sniffing’ deliver many gigabits of potentially valuable and unprotected data.”

“Our plan has been to remain at the forefront of high-assurance data encryption for high-speed networks . The 100Gbps encryptor is an Australian manufacturing first and has been designed and developed by our talented team in Melbourne. Our Australian IP exports to 35 countries with our encryptors trusted by many of the world’s most security sensitive government and commercial organisations,” Mr Wilson said. “The Australian technology and electronics engineering industry is in a prime position to serve security solutions to the world because of the strength of our legal system, long-standing foreign affairs relationships and location in respect to other countries.”

Insight into Senetas’ product roadmap reveals the pace at which security technology must be designed to meet the needs of organisations not willing to compromise on speed and network preformance. “We have been working very closely with customers, data security organisations and partners to better understand customers’ network bandwidth requirements over the next five years and beyond to ensure the application of our technology is meeting those requirements. The 100Gbps encryptor project reflects our most security aware customers’ future bandwidth and security requirements. We have already had expressions of interest from some of the world’s largest Cloud and data centre service providers as well as some of the most secure global government agencies,” Mr Wilson added.

The 100Gbps encryptor will deliver the same high-assurance encryption security that all Senetas encryptors provide for network speeds from modest 100Mbps to high-speed 10Gbps – and now ultra-high-speed 100Gbps links.

“A more common scenario where customers are currently keen to deploy our 100Gbps encryptor is for Cloud and data centre services point-to-point ‘waterfall’ situations. Here customers may have multiple high bandwidth network links (rivers) to a single point (waterfall), such as a data centre, where the optimal efficient and secure throughput requirement is a high-assurance encrypted 100Gbps link. And we do that without adversely affecting the networks’ performance.” Wilson explained.

The 100Gbps encryptor will also introduce some additional management and agility features. It will be fully interoperable with all other Senetas CN series encryptors.

Senetas is finalising release and delivery arrangements with its international master distributor, Gemalto, including further customer solution testing.

Wilson concluded that full details and technical specifications of the 100Gigabit encryptor will be released at the time of the product’s official market release early in 2017.

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