MST Access recently completed an investor research report for Senetas. The report “A Trojan Horse in Cybersecurity” highlights a significantly increased addressable market and the success of a program of continuing investment, research and development in advanced cybersecurity solutions.


Senetas (ASX:SEN) despite its appearance is no longer a specialist hardware company. Rather, that external appearance is something of a trojan horse, hiding the rapidly growing Votiro business, whose offering provides a much broader appeal and a much larger TAM.

Votiro provides anti-malware, anti-ransomware, products to many well-known large corporations globally through its secure file gateway offerings. Senetas remains market stalwart in the provision of high-quality network data encryption arena for over the last 20 years serving both enterprise and government organisations directly or through a range of well-established partners globally.

The company’s continuing success is tied to the growth of Votiro and Senetas’ high-quality encryption technology which protects network traffic and file-sharing at near zero overhead and its continuing investment in developing encryption for emerging new technologies like quantum computing.




Senetas and ArchTIS CEOs discuss post-COVID cybersecurity issues on the StockHead podcast

Senetas CEO, Andrew Wilson, discusses the escalation of increasingly malicious cyber-threats such as state-sponsored espionage and attacks on critical national infrastructure. Additionally, cybersecurity expert Daniel Lai, CEO of ArchTIS, highlights the threats to cloud-based remote working, health care and supply chains and targeted industries.


Senetas Logo
Senetas Logo