Senetas data networks IT expert, Scott Fincher, seems to have used his long COVID-19 lockdown to great effect – certainly according to his seven year old son Leo and UK, EU, US, Canadian and Australian media!

Few families would be unfamiliar with the animated Disney movie Up. Now few will be unaware of the Fincher family’s giant cubby house replica, due to its international media and Internet recognition.

A stunning large-scale replica of the Disney original in materials, colours and design; Scott’s brilliant craftsmanship and attention to detail have created a virtual second home for his family. It’s likely Australia’s most amazing cubby house! Local admirers were so impressed by Scott’s hard work they contacted the media.

It’s worth noting the Fincher family’s ‘Up’ house is much more than just a cubby. Built more to Senetas high-assurance encryptors’ quality standards, it weighs in at three to four tons and uses materials at a cost of some $10,000!

Everyone at Senetas congratulates Scott on his wonderful achievement. We also congratulate Leo on his great project management and being such a great help to his dad. Lucky Leo!

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