There has been a steady increase in the number of companies – enterprise organisations specifically – adding drop box style sharing systems to their working practices; a pretty substantial growth which has been driven largely by today’s enterprise employees having a nearly insatiable demand to share, sync and collaborate on data.

Be it with colleagues, partners, agencies or customers, sharing data or sensitive information of any form, must be done in a secure way. This is specifically important when critical assets are shared over multiple sites. Enabling remote users to share and collaborate is essential and doing this securely should be a priority of any organisation in this age of digital transformation.

One problem, according to IBM, is that ‘customers do not know what the best security is throughout their digital transformation or what needs protecting and at what level’.

While there are a great many commercial tools that exist already for information sharing those tools generally lack enterprise-grade security controls. Many of these for that reason may be non-compliant with corporate, or with increasingly strict national or regional regulatory guidance.

These reasons are why Senetas developed SureDropTM. Particularly useful for enterprise organisations, the unique capabilities of SureDrop provides the most advanced protection available today, including full encryption, data sovereignty and key management control.

Julian Fay, CTO of Senetas, joins Deepraj Emmanuel Datt, Solution Design Leader at IBM Security Services Asia-Pacific, for a conversation about data protection and secure data collaboration. Listen now to find out more about how Senetas and IBM are working together to promote secure data collaboration and storage in ASEAN and beyond.

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