Gemalto, the world’s largest data security company and global distributor of Senetas high-assurance network encryptors, is launching the new ultra-fast CN9100 100Gbps Ethernet network encryptor at RSA 2017 in California this week.

The CN9100 is the world’s first commercially available high-assurance 100Gbps Ethernet network encryptor that supports all topology use cases.

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Like all Senetas CN Series encryptors, the CN9100 provides maximum certified, high-assurance network data security, without compromising network and application performance.

Developed in collaboration with customers and service providers, Senetas’s CN9000 Series meets the requirements for all ‘mega data’ use cases:

  • data centre-to-data centre
  • SaaS Cloud services
  • high speed data aggregation, and
  • fully meshed ultra-fast bandwidth campus network environments.

Senetas CN9100 key features, which enable real-time application performance, include:

  • ultra-low latency of <2 micro-seconds
  • near-zero data overheads.

With CN9100 models offering a choice of either SFP4 or QSFP28 interfaces, the encryptors use just 1U rack mount space and low power consumption.

In markets outside Australia and New Zealand, Gemalto and its partners sell the CN9100 as the “SafeNet Ethernet Encryptor CN9100”.

For Senetas CN9100 sales information in Australia and New Zealand, contact us.


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