FIPS certification for Senetas CN9100 100Gbps encryptor

Senetas has received Federal Information Processing Standard FIPS certification for the CN9100; our high-assurance 100Gbps Ethernet network data encryptor.

The CN9100 is the world’s first commercially available certified high-assurance 100Gbps Ethernet network encryptor that supports all Layer 2 network topologies.

Gemalto, the world’s largest data security company and international distributor of Senetas high-assurance network encryptors, launched the all-new CN9000 series in February 2017 at RSA in California.

FIPS is the US government computer security standard used to approve cryptographic modules. Following an extensive evaluation process, the Senetas CN9000 Series has been allocated FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certificate number 2892 which may be viewed at:

Senetas CEO, Andrew Wilson said, “The Senetas CN9000 Series is the first commercially available range of certified high-assurance 100Gbps Ethernet encryptors that support all network topologies, including the most complex hub-and-spoke, multi-point-to-multi-point and fully meshed architectures.

“The CN9000 Series provides maximum security for Big Data, Cloud, SaaS and data centre services where 100Gbps Ethernet links are becoming required to meet data volume trends.

“Senetas has a commitment to certification in depth, providing all customers with added confidence in our high-assurance products. FIPS certification is also a critical requirement to CN9100 sales to U.S. Government agencies and other service providers to the US government.

The CN9100 has been used in extensive pre-launch trials and testing with outstanding performance results, achieving an ultra-low latency of under 2 microseconds.

For more information on the CN9000 series, visit our product pages

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