If you were asked to picture a network encryption device, what would it look like?

Would you envision a network switch or router with “built-in” encryption? The more security conscious might picture a rack-mounted, dedicated encryption device. If you’re encrypting data across a virtualised WAN, you might not picture a device at all, as your encryption might be virtualised. In this blog, Senetas aims to answer what encryption will look like in 2022.

Traditionally, encryption has been seen as a centralised, core infrastructure technology. However, as networks become increasingly borderless and more computing power is pushed to edge devices, the same will be true for network data security.

Senetas has been pioneering the development of high-performance encryption technologies for more than twenty years. In the late 1990s, we introduced our first CypherNET hardware encryptors and have continued to push the boundaries of innovation ever since. In 2013, we introduced a range of compact, desk-top encryptors to complement our rack-mounted devices. These reinforced the concept of “encrypt anywhere” and added to the versatility and agility of our solutions.

As networks have evolved, so have our encryption solutions. Network speeds increased, so in 2017 we launched the first commercially available 100Gbps encryptor that could support all network topologies, from point-to-point to full mesh. Networks became increasingly virtualised, and SD WAN began to dominate the marketplace, so in 2018 we introduced the CV series of virtualised network encryptors, offering scalable, network independent encryption for modern networks across layers 2, 3 and 4.

With the dawning threat of the quantum computer, our engineers responded again by introducing the first high speed data network solution to provide quantum-resistant encryption. In 2020, we added hybrid encryption to our CypherNET range, combining the best of contemporary algorithms with the next generation of NIST shortlisted quantum resistant algorithms.

Agility at the heart of cryptography

Cryptography is not a one-size fits all proposition, that’s why we’re committed to crypto-agility. Agility is the future of cryptography. However, this extends far beyond the flexibility of FPGA architecture, variable throughput speeds and policies based on MAC address or VLAN ID. The future of cryptography is the ability to customise a solution to fit your specific use case.

Want to use your own algorithms or curves? No problem. Want to use your own certificate authority? Fine. How about your own source of randomness? Go ahead, bring your own entropy. Wait, there’s more. What if you want to make the most of the high-performance encryption security available from Senetas, but you don’t want it in a rack-mounted or desktop chassis? How about a ruggedized chassis for use in industrial or hostile environments?

What will encryption look like in 2022? Whatever you want it to look like.

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