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The opening of the RSA 2017 conference in California marks the launch of Senetas’s latest and ultra-fast 100Gbps Ethernet network encryptor by Gemalto, global distributor of Senetas high-assurance network encryptors.

The CN9100 is the first commercially available high-assurance 100Gbps Ethernet encryptor that supports all topology use cases.

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Customers’ demand for 100Gbps Ethernet network encryption ‘mega data’ bandwidth is driven by growth in Big Data, new SaaS and Cloud application services, as well as the need to aggregate 10, 25 and even 40Gbps data links.

Carrier and dark fibre 100Gbps Ethernet links are proving to deliver significant “per bit” economies for ‘mega data’ requirements. The Senetas CN9100 delivers maximum high-assurance Ethernet network encryption security, regardless of topology use cases and without compromising bandwidth performance.

Sold in international markets as the SafeNet Ethernet Network Encryptor CN9100, there will be two variants of the CN9100 providing optimal transceiver interfaces for MAN and WAN use cases – QSFP28 (CN9120) and SFP4 (CN9100) respectively.

Other important features include:

  • <2 micro-seconds ultra-low latency
  • 100% interoperability with all Senetas (and SafeNet) CN encryptors
  • P2P, multi-point, hub-and-spoke and fully meshed topology support
  • Custom curve and entropy flexibility.

Additionally, all of the CN9000 Series capabilities are in a slim, low power consumption 1U device.

For the Senetas CN9000 Series infographic, click here.

In markets outside Australian and New Zealand, Gemalto and its partners sell the CN9100 as the “SafeNet Ethernet Encryptor CN9100”.

For Senetas CN9100 sales information in Australia and New Zealand.

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