Senetas is delighted to announce that the CV1000 virtual encryptor has won gold in the Network Security category at the 2022 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. As the OEM of the product, distributed globally by Thales (the worlds largest cybersecurity company), we are proud that the CV1000 software version of our high assurance encryption platform has been recognised.


Here are three reasons why the CV1000 is different to other network encryption solutions:

Network Independent Encryption
When configured in Transport Independent Mode (TIM) the Thales High Speed Encrytpors perform offer an unprecedented encryption offering that encrypts end-to-end network layers 2-4 concurrently. This provides the end user with a tuneless encryption experience that minimizes overhead and supports modern network initiatives around connectivity and scalability

Quantum Safe Security
Implementing the NIST finalist for Quantum Safe Algorithms allows network and security administrators to deploy quantum safe solutions today. The hybrid approach to using NIST approved and certified algorithms in conjunction with the proposed quantum safe algorithms provides a turnkey solution to implementing a quantum safe architecture.

Built-In Crypto-Agility
Thales High Speed Encryption (HSE) offers the ability to update and modify the underlying crypto architecture to meet the latest technical requirements and mitigate against emerging security risks. The flexible architecture supports long-term re-programmability without performance degradation and current advanced features such as AES s-box modifications, Quantum safe algorithms, bring your own entropy, and design your own curve features.

Like all Senetas network security solutions, the CV1000 series has been designed to meet the demands of modern, multi-layered architecture and to provide the strongest data protection without compromising on network performance or user experience.

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