There’s a clear conclusion from verizon’s cyber-crime report – no longer is ‘just any’ encryption an option to protect network data.

Verizon’s latest investigation into data breach incidents in 2015 makes an important revelation. It seems that cyber-criminals join business in seeking a good ROI on their efforts!

In CSO releasing Verizon’s research findings, the author states: “Cybercriminals care most about ROI, so make yourself expensive to hack.” The report’s revelation suggests where organised cyber-criminals discover high quality data protection, that acts as a strong deterrent – they move on and attack systems that are not so well protected.

This same thinking was revealed some years ago when cases for stronger national defences against cyber-crime were discussed. The theory was: “The stronger the defences, the more likely cyber-criminals will move on to focus in other countries with weaker data security defences.”

Where the Verizon report differs is in how its analyses of data breach incidents and attacks have revealed a fact base that should make enterprise and government organisations take notice.

Ultimately one thing is for sure; data security can no longer be treated as a “tick the box” decision or a “near enough is good enough” approach.

Read the article at CSO’s website