Join Senetas CTO Julian Fay and a host of other guest speakers at the Thales Crypto Summit 16-17 June 2021

This two day, virtual event is divided into region-specific tracks. Day 1 focusses on the latest trends and technologies in Data Encryption, Key Management and Data Discovery for cloud security, compliance and digital transformation. Day two focusses on more specific encryption use cases, including 5G, Network Security, DevSecOps and Quantum Computing.


Julian will be delivering his presentation: ‘Back to the Future’. Why tomorrow’s quantum computing threatens encryption security today.


Although commercially viable quantum computers do not exist yet, they pose a clear and present danger to our information security.  The harvest now and decrypt later threat means that encrypted information flowing across today’s networks is vulnerable to decryption by a future quantum computer.

Much of today’s sensitive data has long term value, so it is vital to provide long-term protection in an era that will see classical encryption technologies rendered ineffective against the processing power of a quantum computer. Whilst quantum computing is inevitable, vulnerability need not be. In this session, we provide a guide to crypto-agile, quantum-resistant technologies that can be deployed today, to provide protection against tomorrow’s emerging threats.

For further information about the event, or to register for Julian’s session, visit the Thales Crypto Summit website