Network Data Security News: Reasons for high-assurance encryption, looking beyond compliance, the data breach landscape and more…

Welcome to the latest edition of Senetas View – the data networks security newsletter from Senetas, a leading global provider of certified high-assurance and virtualised network encryption and secure file-sharing solutions.

In this issue, we look at why organisations should build on data protection legislation instead of simply meeting it, examine how organisation-wide security policy can help mitigate the risk of a data breach and discuss the important role of encryption.

Next, we explore the changing threat landscape that organisations face, alongside the consequences of a data breach, in our newest data breach landscape infographic.

We then look at three unavoidable truths around cyber-security and encryption following a significant breach from a Marriott Hotels’ subsidiary; before showing how commercial organisations can protect network data in motion in our solution paper.

Enjoy Senetas View. Senetas – security without compromise.

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Security without compromise

Cyber-security: looking beyond compliance

BLOG: Cyber-security: looking beyond compliance

New data protection legislation has helped focus the minds of many cyber-security professionals, but is simply meeting it enough?

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INFOGRAPHIC: The Data Breach Landscape

The breach landscape is changing and organisations are having to evolve their cyber-security practices to keep their data safe. Our latest infographic looks at the landscape you face today.

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Data breach landscape infographic

500 million reasons for high-assurance encryption

NEWS: 500 million reasons for high-assurance encryption

The revelations surrounding the recent breach of up to 500 million customer records from a Marriott Hotels’ subsidiary highlight three unavoidable truths around cyber-security and encryption.

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SOLUTION PAPER: Protecting Commercial Network Data in Motion

We explore how commercial organisations can protect their data in motion and comply with cyber-security regulations using high-assurance encryption.

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Commercial data security solution paper

Senetas is a leading developer of encryption security solutions; trusted to protect enterprise, government, defence, Cloud and service provider data in over 35 countries.

From certified high-assurance hardware, and virtualised encryption, to secure file sharing with data sovereignty control, all are based on the same crypto-agile platform and deliver security without compromise.

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