Welcome to the February 2017 edition of Senetas View. The data networks security newsletter from Senetas, a leading provider of high-assurance network encryption solutions.

In this edition, we introduce the Senetas CN9000 Series. This is the first commercially available range of certified high-assurance 100Gbps Ethernet encryptors that support the most complex fully meshed topologies. The ultra-fast 100 Gbps bandwidth is designed to deliver maximum network data security and maximum network performance at unprecedented speeds. 

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The Senetas CN9000 Series sets a new benchmark for encryption performance; delivering 100% bandwidth at an ultra-fast 100Gbps.

As Big Data becomes ‘mega data’, the ultra-fast 100Gbps bandwidth of the new CN9000 Series makes it the ideal solution for the most sensitive network data encryption environments. Including data centre interconnect, campus WAN, Cloud backbones and aggregated high-speed networks.

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Senetas CN9000 Series certified, high-assurance Ethernet network encryption for ‘mega data’ applications.

The CN9000 encryptors are the optimal choice when you require:

  • A dedicated hardware solution that is secure and tamper-proof
  • Encryption key management that is state-of-the-art and ‘zero-touch’
  • Standards-based encryption algorithm
  • End-to-end authenticated network encryption

Infographic: What makes CN9000 encryptors so powerful?


Ultra-fast 100Gbps use cases: Discover how Senetas CN9000 Series certified, high-assurance Ethernet encryptors perform in real life.

The exponential growth in data volumes has led to a corresponding demand for ultra-fast data networks. These 100Gbps networks enable cost-effective and efficient data transfers between data centre locations, for a range of Big Data applications and analytics.

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Senetas manufactures high-assurance Layer 2 Metro Area and Carrier Ethernet network encryptors. They support all Layer 2 protocols and topologies. Our multi-certified encryptors are used by some of the world’s most secure organisations; including governments and defence forces, commercial and industrial enterprises, Cloud, data centre and telecommunications service providers in more than 30 countries.

GLOBAL SUPPORT AND DISTRIBUTION Senetas high-assurance encryptors are supported and distributed globally (excl. AUS and NZ) by Gemalto – the world’s largest data security company – under its SafeNet Identity and Data Protection Solutions brand.