Welcome to the August 2017 edition of Senetas View. The data networks security newsletter from Senetas, a leading global provider of certified high-assurance network encryption solutions.

In this edition, our latest blog highlights the broader implications of cyber-security as we look beyond the recent ransomware attacks.

A new infographic details the core components of crypto-agility, including support for custom curves, BYO entropy and QKD.

We also feature a financial services multi-link encryption use case and our updated commercial network data encryption solutions paper.

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In May, cyber-security professionals warned that a repeat “WannaCry” ransomware hack could be launched. 

In June, Petya hit the Ukraine and damaged major businesses in other countries. The result was serious business disruption and financial costs to major industrial and pharamceutical companies.

However, amongst the warnings that organisations improve their data security, there was a risk of overlooking high-speed data network vulnerabilities and underestimating other types of cyber-attack.

Cyber-security is about more than ransomware



CN8000 Multilink Encryption Case Study

A global bank was seeking to address its commitment to customer confidentiality, compliance and an increasing dependence upon real-time, big data applications.

Working in partnership with its multinational telecommunications service provider, the bank evaluated several solutions before choosing Senetas certified high-assurance encryptors.

CN8000 multilink encryption case study

Protecting Commercial Data In Motion

As innovation and collaboration sit at the heart of modern infrastructure, potentially sensitive or valuable data is constantly in motion across core networks.

Find out how Senetas is helping protect commercial data in motion in more than 40 countries worldwide. 

Protecting commercial network data



Crypto-Agility: Security Without Compromise

Cryptographic protocols and algorithms evolve over time to counter new security threats – that’s why Senetas encryptors are designed to be “crypto-agile” out of the box.

They provide extra assurance that your investment keeps pace with cryptographic advances.

Crypto-agility infographic


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