With cybercrime now the leading business hazard of 21st century, Australian information security managers and executives need to think differently about data security and how to deal with the threat of cyber-attacks, top experts have cautioned.

Speaking ahead of his presentation at this July’s ASIAL Conference in Melbourne, Senetas Chief Technology Officer, Julian Fay, said that organisations also need to learn to make data security a core part of business functions and do so at the earliest possible stage – rather than ‘bolt it on’. “New thinking is essential. It is not good enough to treat data security as an inconvenience and an avoidable cost. Similarly, we cannot continue to apply decades-old thinking to this new era of cyber-threats”, comments Fay.

“Traditionally the business imperative has overridden the security imperative, but this needs to change,” continues Fay. “They must be seen as one and the same. Obviously data breach disasters have taught us that such breaches have a devastating effect of brand integrity and trust as well as the resulting massive clean-up financial costs”.

About Julian Fay
Julian is co-founder of Senetas, whose leading high-speed network data encryption hardware is used by many of the world’s most secure organisations. Julian’s address took place on day two of the ASIAL Conference on Thursday 16th July.

If you’d like to read a copy of the full speech, you can Download a Copy Here