Senetas announces NATO certification for its latest CN6000 and CN4000 series network encryptors for use by all 28 NATO member states. This further extends Senetas encryptors’ high-assurance benefits.

John Weston, Senetas head of engineering, confirmed today to the global data networks security community NATO’s official listing of certification of all Senetas CN6000 series encryptors and the CN4010 ‘desktop’ encryptor.

The certification, referred to as ‘NATO Restricted’, certifies the Senetas CN encryptors as suitable for NATO government and defence use.

This link takes you to the NIAPC site showing a list of certified Senetas encryptors

Senetas CN encryptors are distributed internationally in more than 30 countries by Gemalto – the world’s largest IT security organisation.

Gemalto’s distribution of Senetas encryptors (referred to as SafeNet CN6000 and SafeNet CN4000 encryptors) includes security solutions design, sales, in-field support services and service provider support.

Mr Weston confirmed that Senetas expects its most recently

released ‘desk-top’ encryptor, the CN4020, to be NATO certified very soon.


Simply put, certifications provide both government and commercial customers with peace of mind – assurance. Senetas encryptors provide maximum data protection referred to as high-assurance security.

Security hardware certification by the various international independent and government certification organisations is a strict requirement of many government agencies and defence organisations for the protection of sensitive data around the world.

These security product certifications involve intensive and rigorous testing procedures, which often take years to be completed. It is not a ‘one-time’ process; rather, an on-going process where any minute change to the product requires a process of ‘re-certification’.

Senetas encryptors hold certifications by:

  • FIPS (USA)
  • Common Criteria (international and Australia)
  • NATO (the 28 member states)
  • CAPS (UK).

These certifications basically state that the products are ‘…certified as suitable for government and defence use…” The specific certification classification determines the level of data sensitivity for which the product is suitable – e.g. ‘up to secret’ classification.

Senetas has, since the development of its first encryptors, chosen to differentiate its encryptors through such certifications.

Multiple certifications are a key part of the high-assurance description of Senetas encryptors’ capabilities and quality.

For more information about specific Senetas encryptors’ certifications, download Senetas High-Assurance Encryptors.

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