Senetas CN8000 Series Encryptors – up to 10 x 1Gbps-10Gbps multi-link, multi-tenant encryption security for large-scale data networks.

The CN8000 is the ideal solution for Cloud service providers, data centre interconnect and large-scale enterprise networks supporting multiple tenants and variable bandwidth speeds.

Senetas CN8000 Series encryptors (also known as SafeNet CN8000 Multi-Link Encryptors) enable ultra-secure, multi-link encryption of Layer 2 network traffic; encrypting up to 100Gbps in one compact chassis, with no overhead and minimum latency.

The quantum-powered CN8000 Series delivers best-practice encryption key generation and distribution, thanks to its built-in quantum random number generator (QRNG). The intrinsic key generation and distribution capability eliminates any reliance upon external key servers and provides robust, fault-tolerant security architecture.

Senetas CN8000 encryptors are ideal for multi-tenant environments, enabling encryption separation between data centre clients or divisions within an organisation. Advanced security features include granular policy management and separation of duties on a per-card, per-device level.

Senetas’ CN (and CV) Series encryptors include integrated support for SafeNet KeySecure (Gemalto’s centralised cryptographic key management solution) that provides maximum security for the storage of master keys, the integrity of security policies and the source of entropy for the generation of cryptographic keys.

Key Features

Model CN8000
Protocol Ethernet
Maximum port speed 10Gbps
Maximum chassis throughput 100Gbps
Support for jumbo frames
Tamper resistant and evident enclosure
Flexible encryption policy engine
Per-packet confidentiality and integrity with AES-GCM
Common Criteria EAL2+ certified
FIPS 140-2 L3 certified
AES 128-bit or 256-bit keys 128/256-bit keys
Quantum random generator
Supports optional 3rd party quantum key distribution (QKD)
Policy-based on MAC address or VLAN ID
Self-healing key management
Low overhead full duplex line rate encryption
Latency (microseconds per link) < 8µs
FPGA based cut-through architecture
Centralized configuration and management using CM7/SMC* and SNMPv3
Support for external (X.509v3) CAs
Remote management using SNMPv3 (inband and out-of-band)
NTP (time server) support
CRL and OCSP (certificate) server support
In-field firmware upgrades
Dual hot-swappable AC power supplies
User replaceable fans
Fully interoperable with related CN models (same protocol)
Front panel access to all interfaces
Chassis airflow – front to rear