FIPS Certified, High-Assurance Encryptors for US Government Core Ethernet Network Infrastructure

Senetas CN Series hardware encryptors and CV Series virtual encryptors are distributed exclusively to US Government departments, agencies and defence forces by SafeNet Assured Technologies (SAT). All US Government customers, service providers and partners are provided up to 24/7 support by SAT, wherever their Senetas encryptors are deployed.

The global US Government distribution and support agreement between Senetas and SafeNet Assured Technologies deliver a wide range of benefits to both the US Government and its service providers and partners.

SafeNet Assured Technologies offers a complete range of secure performance-leading, FIPS-certified encryptors to its portfolio of data and identity protection products. Senetas encryption customers gain access to the SAT pre-sales, sales and technical support network.

Details of Senetas encryption solutions distributed by SafeNet Assured Technologies can be found here.

What does exclusive distribution and support to the US Government by SAT mean?

  • Convenient product availability and worldwide logistics
  • On-site Ethernet network security planning and advice services
  • Up to 24/7 support and maintenance
  • Guaranteed response times, tailored to departments’ and agencies’ needs
  • Technical training (including support for changes among US Government technical staff)
  • Layer 2 Ethernet network encryption security planning – encryption security advice for network changes, expansion etc.
  • Support for third party service providers (E.G. Data Centre, Network and Cloud Service Providers and other partners)
  • Remote and on-site support.

Further details about SafeNet Assured Technologies’ High-Assurance Ethernet Network Encryption Solutions may be found here.


SafeNet Assured Technologies NEW

High Assurance Protection for the US Government’s Most Sensitive Information

SafeNet Assured Technologies’ mission is to provide high-assurance data security products and technologies to defence, intelligence, and civilian agencies across the Federal Government.

How do FIPS certified, high-assurance encryptors for core Ethernet network infrastructure fit within the SafeNet Assured Technologies data security portfolio?

SAT Portfolio

Protecting High-Value Data

SafeNet Assured Technologies, LLC (SAT) was formed to better serve the US Government customers while also investing in the development of future technologies to protect the US Government’s most sensitive information. A standalone company SAT is based and operates in the US. Core SAT data security products include:

  • FIPS certified high-assurance encryption hardware, providing maximum security and performance for core Ethernet network infrastructure
  • High-assurance authentication solutions that secure access to sensitive data and networks
  • Cross-domain solutions that enable protected information sharing among organizations
  • Cryptographic Key Management solutions that securely manage cryptographic keys throughout their lifecycle

SAT also serves as the provider of Gemalto’s SafeNet Data Protection solutions including commercial authentication, encryption and key management solutions to the US Government.

All required US Government approvals and certifications to develop, support and sell products to US Government clients are held by SAT. Now, US Government customers may leverage both SAT’s expertise and Gemalto’s wider data security products without compliance issues.

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