Quantum-Safe Network Encryption Security (Global Distribution)

ID Quantique (IDQ) distributes and supports Senetas Quantum-Safe ready Centauris CN Series high-assurance encryptors, to partners and enterprise and government customers in all geographic regions.

Quantum-Safe cryptography provides the ultimate in long-term data encryption security in a post-quantum world. Centauris CN Series encryptors provide unparalleled protection for data with long-term sensitivity and value thanks to the addition of its Quantum Key Generation, Quantum Key Distribution (Quantum Cryptography) and Quantum-Safe Network Encryption features,

With the addition of Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), The Centauris CN Series can be upgraded to Quantum-Safe. This provides valuable crypto-agility features alongside its existing certified high-assurance security credentials.

ID Quantique provides tailored and dedicated customer and partner support. Whats more, as an official Senetas Technology Partner, all ID Quantique Technical and Sales staff have full Senetas training and support, ensuring they are fully conversant with the Senetas CN Series platform.

In addition to world-leading expertise in Quantum cryptography, ID Quantique has full expertise in high-speed data network security and enterprise and government needs, including security product certifications.

The Senetas / ID Quantique Quantum-Safe ready Centauris CN Series encryptors have been designed to meet a complete range of core Ethernet network infrastructure security needs. From small form-factor desktop encryptors to defence and carrier-grade rack-mounted encryptors, to multi-port/multi-tenant encryptors. Centauris CN Series encryptors protect bandwidths from 10Mbps to 100Gbps, up to 10x 10Gbps, within one unit.

The ID Quantique QRNG (Quantum Random Number Generator) is embedded in select Senetas CN Series encryptors, including the CN9000.

ID Quantique Partner Expertise

ID Quantique is the world leader in Quantum-safe cryptography solutions, designed to protect high-speed network transmitted data for the long-term future.

As Quantum computing approaches, traditional high-speed network cryptography/encryption solutions face redundancy and the need for Quantum-Safe encryption.

The Senetas and ID Quantuque technology partnership protects Senetas and IDQ customers from solution redundancy by leading in crypto-agile high-assurance Ethernet network encryption solutions.

By combining Senetas CN Series solutions with ID Quantuque’s world-leading Quantum cryptography, the Centauris CN Series encryptors offer a long-term investment for maximum network security.

Together, we provide Quantum-Safe encryption of core Ethernet network infrastructure, secure Quantum Key Generation and Quantum Key Distribution to Enterprise and Government sectors, including Commercial and Industrial and Finance and Banking sectors, all around the world

With the vast expertise in Quantum physics, ID Quantique also commercialises a Quantum Random Number Generator used in data security, but also in simulation and gaming industries.

ID Quantique can help customers guarantee the security of their data, today, and in the post-quantum age. This is of particular importance in today’s world where the threat landscape is ever-changing and the Quantum computer will render traditional encryption methods useless.

Unlike encryption approaches used by other vendors, the Centauris CN Series provides state-of-the-art data protection for today and while planning a transition to the post-quantum era, thereby offering a better total cost of ownership (TCO).

More about Quantum-Safe Security from ID Quantique can be found here.

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