The Senetas/ADVA Technology Partnership

Secure Network Virtualisation – Layer Independent Pure-Play


ConnectGuard – ADVA’s virtualised encryption for Layer independent Ensemble connected networks.

ADVA Optical Networking and Senetas have entered into a technology partnership to provide encrypted, virtualised network solutions for secure Cloud access. A network transport Layer independent, encrypted virtual network solution; it is specifically aimed at providing secure end-to-end Cloud access.

ADVA’s Ensemble virtualised networking solution for enterprise and government customers will benefit from an integrated high-security and high-performance encryption solution. ADVA has leveraged Senetas’ high-assurance encryption platform for core network infrastructure to enable end-to-end secure Cloud access with seamless and robust virtualised encryption.

ConnectGuard provides the robust encryption security that has made Senetas CN Series hardware encryptors a first choice of governments and enterprises in more than 35 countries.

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It started with an idea

ADVA began with a single vision: to transport data, storage, voice and video signals at native speeds and lowest latency. Tday, their vision remains the same and ADVA’s products are the building blocks for tomorrow’s networks, enabling the transport of increasing amounts of data across the globe. From the access to the metro core to the long haul, they create intelligent, software-automated solutions that will provide future generations with networks that can scale to meet increasing bandwidth demands.

For ADVA, it’s all about the network. They have an unyielding focus on bringing innovation to networks and a commitment to advancing next-generation communications because they know, a network is the lifeline of a business. It’s theirs, too.


Building the future together

ADVA has become one of the industry’s most trusted partners and is responsible for architecting some of the world’s most advanced networks. The reason? It listens to its customers. Its technology and innovation is driven by customers’ needs. ADVA develops the right technology at the right time, ensuring that customers have the solutions they need to stay ahead of the competition. Each member of the ADVA team is committed to its customers’ success, working so closely with them to effectively build the foundation for tomorrow’s networks.

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Layer Independent Network Virtualisation

Freedom to choose with pure-play virtualisation

ADVA is leading the virtualisation transformation in carrier-class networking with its powerful Ensemble solution. The Ensemble product suite supports pure-play virtualisation, freeing service providers from vendor lock-in and delivering unprecedented choice. That means choice of software, choice of hardware and choice of location. With pure-play virtualisation, service providers also have the ability to choose again whenever a better solution becomes available or the needs of the business change.

Ensemble Connector

ADVA’s Ensemble Connector enables pure-play virtualisation: open software running on open commercial off-the-shelf servers. The Ensemble Connector eliminates vendor lock-in so service providers are free to mix-and-match best-of-breed software and hardware

At its core, the Ensemble Connector is a highly scalable, high-performance virtualisation platform for hosting multi-vendor VNFs. It enables pure-play virtualisation: open software running on open commercial off-the-shelf servers. This eliminates vendor lock-in so that service providers are free to mix and match best-of-breed software and hardware.

Pure-play virtualisation means total choice – choice of software, hardware and where to locate functionality to best suit the business needs of the provider.

The Ensemble Connector delivers advanced SDN-enabled programmable traffic steering and a powerful Carrier Ethernet network interface. It operates on any white box or can be deployed on high-performance FSP 150 ProVM edge compute nodes for a variety of value-added features and deployment options. When hosting Ensemble Connector on FSP 150 ProVMe or ProVMi, service providers can seamlessly grow their business from connectivity services to managed enterprise IT services.

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Virtualised encryption – a secure Cloud access solution

ADVA’s Secure Cloud Connectivity solutions provide a Cloud-native virtualised solution for encrypting WAN and MAN network links.

Virtualised encryption that may have virtualised endpoints; enabling deployment as a Virtual Machine (VM) in all popular public Clouds for secure links from the enterprise to one or more Clouds in parallel.

Cloud deployment is within the L2 Carrier Ethernet broadcast domain of an enterprise’s Cloud applications, not at some distant Virtual Private Network (VPN) gateway location; guaranteeing true end-to-end encryption.

Fast turn-up and low cost provided by Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP); eliminating errors and the need for on-site support.

Supports data rates >1Gbps today, and up to 10Gbps in the future.

The Senetas enabled, network transport Layer independent, virtualised encryption solution enables robust encryption security to the virtual edge of your wide and metro area network.

  • Subscription rates/pay as you go models reduce capital expenditure requirements and provide an often-preferred recurring operating expense.
  • The solution provides low-cost scalability, with hundreds (or thousands) of end-points protected in minutes; without the need to install hardware beyond the core infrastructure.
  • Software implementation allows for upgrades to meet future threat scenarios and implement future requirements; such as Quantum Computing and NIST recommendations.
  • Layer 2 (Ethernet) or Layer 3 (IP) implementations (tunneling Layer 2 frames) will support SD-WAN architectures or a mixed network environment.
  • Choice of encapsulation formats to maximise efficiency.
  • Based on the Senetas CN Series FIPS certified high-assurance hardware encryptors; used by governments, defence forces and global enterprises in more than 35 countries.