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Welcome to the latest edition of Senetas View – the data networks security newsletter from Senetas, a leading global provider of certified high-assurance network and virtualised encryption solutions.

We start this issue with some exciting news about our new technology partnership with leading optical networking solutions company, ADVA, more about that below.

Next up is our latest blog: When is a Breach, Not a Breach?. Here, we take a look at how failing to recognise long-term data protection can also mean a failure to meet a corporate duty of care. 

The long-awaited European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now in force and it sets new standards for data protection and privacy. In our second blogwe discuss the GDPR’s recommendations for the use of strong and effective encryption to ensure long-term data privacy and integrity. 

Finally, and keeping us on the topic of GDPR, we wrap up with a brand new infographic breaking down the keys facts around the regulation and what it means,

Enjoy Senetas View. Senetas – security without compromise.

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NEWS: New Technology Partnership and Distribution Agreement Announced

We are pleased to announce our new technology partnership with ADVA – a leading provider of optical networking solutions for the delivery of cloud and mobile services. 

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BLOG: When is a Breach not a Breach?

Failure to recognise the importance of long-term data protection exposes a deeper ignorance about the principles of best-practice cyber-security.

Worse, it runs the risk of individuals failing to meet their corporate duty of care and risking heavy personal financial penalties.

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BLOG: GDPR Demands Strong and Effective Encryption

It’s important for Network Architects and IT security professionals to understand that not all encryption solutions are the same; in a rush towards GDPR compliance there is the risk that some organisations may fall into “traps for the trusting”.

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NEW INFOGRAPHIC: General Data Protection Regulation

This new infographic is designed to give you an overview of the European General Data Protection Regulation. It is designed to give you a snap-shot of what the GDPR is and who it affects; the principles of the regulation and also looks at GDPR and encryption.

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