Inside-IT recently published the 2016 update to ‘Ethernet Encryptors for Metro and Carrier Ethernet: An Introduction’, by Christoph Jaggi. This publication highlights the key security features that differentiate high-assurance encryption products from the rest. It also points to valuable security features that may otherwise be overlooked.

Click here to read: ‘Ethernet Encryptors for Metro and Carrier Ethernet: An Introduction’, by Christoph Jaggi.

Senetas CN series encryptors provide government, enterprise and service provider customers in 30 countries with the peace of mind that only high-assurance encryptors can deliver.

From the Senetas CN4000 compact encryptors (designed for more modest bandwidth requirements), through the CN6000 carrier-grade, high-speed encryptors, to the CN8000 multi-port encryptor; all Senetas solutions provide High-assurance network encryption.

As high-assurance encryptors for Layer 2 Carrier Ethernet Wide and Metro Area Networks, Senetas CN series encryptors exhibit leading security capabilities:

  • Secure and tamper proof, dedicated hardware
  • Embedded, state-of-the-art encryption key management
  • True, end-to-end network encryption
  • Certified by FIPS, Common Criteria, NATO and CAPS
  • Standards based, authenticated encryption

Senetas CN encryptors also offer maximum encryption agility, featuring:

  • In-field upgradability
  • flexible bandwidth licencing
  • 100% network device compatibility
  • 100% interoperability
  • maximum long-term investment value

Significantly, the Senetas encryption platform provides all customers with an optimal mix of security, network performance and flexibility. Ease-of-use, bump in the wire simplicity, near-zero latency and minimal data overheads mean security without compromise!

Additional Benefits

The CN series, field-programmable gate array (FPGA) technology also meets customers’ needs for custom encryption:

  • BYO entropy
  • BYO elliptic curves

High-assurance security benefits extend to the inclusion of advanced features such as Traffic Flow Security (TFS). Once considered the exclusive domain of military users, TFS is now sought by government agencies and commercial enterprises to protect against the potentially damaging analysis of network data traffic flows.

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