Global data security giant Gemalto N.V., has launched the new Senetas and ID Quantique co-developed CN8000 multi-link high-speed encryptor to its global markets. An innovative quantum-powered 10 x 10Gbps multi-link encryption solution, the CN8000 also enables multiple tenancy use and is designed specifically for large-scale networked organisations and service providers.

Developed by Senetas and its quantum technology partner, ID Quantique, the CN8000 is aimed at the increasing security needs of cloud and data centre service providers and large-scale high-speed data networked organisations. The CN8000 addresses the very demanding security needs of large financial sector and similar organisations requiring state-of-the-art security technology capabilities.

The CN8000 will join Gemalto’s SafeNet encryption security product portfolio. It provides a solution to the growing demand for large-scale Layer 2 network links’ encryption, multiple data centre interconnect and cloud services customers’ need for secure ‘multiple tenancy’ capabilities. A multi-link encryptor, the CN8000 is highly efficient and cost effective. And being ‘quantum powered’, the CN8000 provides significant quantum random number generation benefits.