A comparison of purpose-designed, certified encryption hardware with the application of the Media Access Control security standard (MACsec) for Ethernet WAN encryption.

In a recent technical paper, Senetas examined the pros and cons of the application of the MACsec standard in network devices such as routers and switches. It highlights important security and performance trade-offs not found in Senetas dedicated encryption hardware and compares the benefits of Senetas Layer 2 high-speed hardware encryption (HSE) with integrated encryption using MACsec or Trustsec.

In summary, because the MACsec standard was designed to protect data on Local Area Networks (LANs), it is not suitable for use on Wide or Metropolitan Area Networks (WANs or MANs).
Unlike Senetas’s purpose-designed CN encryptors, MACsec used on WANs may result in both a reduction in security and an increase in network overhead; which in turn leads to poor performance.

Read a copy of the technical paper Ethernet WAN Encryption Solutions Compared