Cyber Security in Government is a specialist, strategic-level conference bringing together the sharpest minds in cyber security from across the country to learn about the latest technologies and strategies for managing cyber risk.

Where: National Convention Centre Canberra
When: 6-7 August 2019

Co-located alongside the Tech in Gov and Identity Expo, the event draws over 2,000 attendees, 120 speakers and 150 exhibitors in an annual meeting of minds for government technology leaders across Australia.

Meet Senetas at Cyber Security in Government 2019

Proudly exhibiting with our partners Communications Design & Management.

You can learn more about Senetas network encryption solutions (hardware and virtualised) and SureDrop encrypted file-sharing application at the event.

Every organisation needs to secure networks to protect sensitive data. Cloud, data centre and Big Data, critical infrastructure, CCTV and multi-location traffic all needs to be encrypted. Only Senetas provides multi-layer and high-assurance encryption solutions up to 100Gbps that fully meet Australian Government certification requirements (Common Criteria).

Sharing files via email is unsecure and can lead to stolen IP, the loss of confidential information and privacy breaches. SureDrop encrypted file-sharing provides maximum data protection, data sovereignty and seamless integration of Votiro Disarmer. This award-winning and patented Votiro technology is the leader in protection against malware and unknown, zero-day attacks.

We will also be available to answer your encryption questions, and discuss the wider cyber security landscape. You can stop by and see us on the day, or book an appointment in advance using the form below.

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Further details can be found on the event website.


Cyber Security in Government 2019 will be hosted at the National Convention Centre Canberra

31 Constitution Ave, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia