Senetas high-speed data encryptors are often the first choice of governments around the world. They provide government customers with optimal encryption security and maximum network and application performance. In addition to Senetas CN Series encryptors’ high-assurance security credentials, their near-zero latency and data overheads, scalability and interoperability, ensure security without compromise.

Government network dataWhen sensitive information is transmitted using high-performance data networks, governments and their agencies turn to Senetas for high-speed data encryption. No other similar products meet the demanding certification requirements of the world’s leading international, independent testing authorities.

Governments typically need to transmit huge volumes of sensitive information through their vast high-speed global data networks.


A top priority for them is to prevent cyber-attacks, security breaches, even innocent technology or human failings that would allow the information to fall into unauthorised hands.

Our expertise in the requirements of the government sector is demonstrated by our significant customer base; which comprises government agencies, defence, military, regulatory authorities, law enforcement and community services. In fact, we started life by developing critical high-speed network encryption solutions for the US government and defence forces, along with the Australian Federal Police.


Security Without Compromise

Governments of more than 30 countries trust Senetas high-speed encryptors to protect their data when transmitted. They demand exceptional data network performance and Senetas encryptors provide the confidence that the speed, availability and performance of their data networks are not compromised.

Hardly a week goes by without international headlines quoting statistics of increased cyber-attacks and threats to sensitive government information. These risks apply equally to data in motion and at rest. Across the globe, governments are relying upon encryption as the last line of defence. By effectively defending the breach, encryption ensures that any data loss is rendered useless in the hands of unauthorised users.

Information and communications technology represent a significant area of investment for government. The low-latency, high availability solutions available from Senetas provide governments with the confidence that their investment in network technology is protected; without impacting on performance.

When choosing Senetas encryptors, Governments know that not only will they be benefiting from certified solutions, but that security is delivered without compromise. Bandwidth, speed, availability and performance are maintained whilst rendering data useless to unauthorised users.

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